Debt Management Solution

Finding the right debt management solution can help you lower interest rates, lower your minimum payments and speed up your debt repayment. Personal Financial Network has helped thousands of clients understand how different solutions can help them manage their credit card balances. We provide debt relief so that you can eliminate your high interest debt and move on with life.

Lower Interest Rates

Your credit card balances are still high because of the finance charges that keep getting added back in everyday. When you make a minimum payment, most of that payment normally goes toward the finance charges.

We show you how you can get lower interest rates on your credit cards so that more of your payments are applied to the actual debt balance rather than the interest. Saving money every month on each credit card can make a huge difference in your overall financial health.

Lower Minimum Payments

With a debt management plan, you have the opportunity to convert all of your credit card payments into one consolidated payment that is usually lower than you are currently paying. This can help you find additional funds left over each month to cover your other bills.

Lower minimum payments are possible due to the lower interest. Since you can pay so much more toward the balance instead of interest, most major card issuers allow a lower payment.

Eliminate Debt within Three to Five Years

A debt management solution combines the flexibility of lower payments with the savings of lower interest rates on your credit cards to allow you to eliminate debt much faster. Take advantage of the benefits offered by your creditors by committing to a debt management plan.

It requires a commitment to getting out of debt. That means that you need to put your cards on ice until all of your debt is repaid. If you are committed, then the benefits can really speed up the process while giving your monthly budget some breathing room.

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