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These frequently asked questions can help you understand the impact of joining a debt management program.

Does Credit Counseling Affect My Credit?

The goal of credit counseling is to have an effect on your credit. There is much information on this subject that is circulated by a wide variety of professionals and consumers alike. The truth is yes, credit counseling does affect your credit. The effects are different than you might expect though.

How to clean up your credit report

Credit reports will record financial information about you as reported by your creditors. Most information generally will remain for 7 years. Cleaning old items can sometimes improve your credit.

What is a universal default clause?

Credit card companies have added universal default clauses to the terms of our credit card agreements in recent years. These changes could mean big trouble for people with even one late payment. Credit card issuers have been slipping universal default clauses into our card agreements in recent years. Even cards that we have had for many years are […]