Monthly Archives: September 2007

Mortgage Crisis Creates More Opportunities for Fraud

With the recent mortgage crisis and current wave of foreclosures, many homeowners are now facing the prospect of losing their homes.  Many of these homeowners are looking anywhere they can for help, but most do not know where to turn. Unfortunately, many unscrupulous businesses are preying on the vulnerability and desperation of many of these […]

Three Reasons Recession is Likely

Recession is a nasty word that nobody likes to hear. For this reason, many economists shy away from declaring a recession. However, here are three reasons that we believe a recession is imminent.   Negative Job Growth   August 2007 is the first time in four years that we had negative job growth. There are […]

Credit Card “Piggybacking” to be Made Ineffective

Until recently, “piggybacking” on someone elses credit card was a legitimate and easy way to help increase your credit score.  The term piggybacking refers to when a person with poor credit is added as an authorized user on an account held by someone with a high credit score.  The authorized user then gets a boost […]