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Credit Card Debt Fuels Subprime Mortgage Collapse

Everyone connected with subprime lending during the past four years knows that the subprime mortgage business is in trouble. Foreclosures are hitting record highs in many housing markets. Several major mortgage companies are going under as their sources of funding dry up.   Predatory Mortgage Loans   The main cause of this collapse is the […]

Credit Card Tips – 8 Tips For Using Your Credit Wisely

While this blog normally tends to focus on strategies for getting out of debt, this post is to help those of you who are NOT in debt avoid it completely.  If you are trying to rebuild your credit, you may want to read this advice as well.  Pay off your balances every month – avoid wasting […]

5 Ways You Can Benefit From Credit Card Consolidation

If you are currently struggling with credit card debt, there are several possible strategies for paying it off.  One possible solution is to consolidate your credit cards through a debt management plan.  There are many advantages to enrolling in a debt management plan, including these 5: Lower Interest Rates – When you pay your credit […]

Even Congressmen Face Credit Card Debt

We all know that millions of “average” Americans are facing the burden of mounting, high interest credit card debt.  However, according to an article that many of you will find surprising, many members of the United States Congress are carrying massive credit card balances as well: According to their personal financial disclosure reports, 51 […]

Debt Management Plan Helps Woman With $22,000 in Credit Card Debt

Here is a nice success story about a Knoxville woman who was $22,000 in credit card debt: Credit counseling helps Knoxville woman relieve $22,000 in debt This article does a good job of illustrating the benefits of a debt management plan.  The woman was unable to make her minimum monthly payments, causing her to fall […]

The Freedom From Debt Blog: Let Us Help You Get Out of Debt!

Welcome to the Freedom From Debt Blog, brought to you by Personal Financial Network, Inc.  This blog is here to help you get out of debt and gain your financial freedom.  Our accredited financial counselors and contributors are here to help you with all topics related to helping you improve your financial well being. Be sure […]